How many times have you fallen off the wagon of fitness and weight loss only to find yourself asking the same tired question…

How tough is it to get the fitness and weight loss program rolling…yet AGAIN?!?! AND why is it so darn hard?!?!?

Well it can be tough….
but if you pay attention to these 7 Keys to Success…
You CAN do it….
You WILL do it….
AND it will be much easier.

1. Commit! Sounds easy enough, but time and time again people fail to do this one simple thing. You must make the commitment to your fitness and weight loss program and stick to it.
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What’s a Kazugerator (Kuh-zoo-ger-ator)?

Who cares, I made it up…and remembered it…And the dressing ROCKS!

So I paired up a great butt blasting workout to go with it and am serving it up here.

Kazugerator Salad Dressing
1 Container non-fat sour cream
1/2 Cup each – light mayo and light miracle whip (don’t worry if you don’t like either, you will never know they are in it)
1 Package light blue cheese
1Tbsp Worchester Sauce
3 Chopped green onions
1 Chopped jalapeno (you call it, seeds or not)
1 Tbsp fresh cracked pepper
1 tsp kosher salt More on The ‘Kazugerator’ Salad Dressing & Workout


OK, so I just got an email from Starbucks.

You see, I have one of their “Black Cards.” What is that you ask?

Not quite sure, but it cost like 25 bucks and it gives me free internet access when at Starbucks. I needed it while opening a boot camp on the other side of town, so I got it. It aslo gives me a discount on coffee and products (I think), so it comes in handy when I take the girls out for coffee on the last day of camp.

They also send me emails with specials…thus this blog.

Tomorrow is free pastry day. You get a free pastry when you pair it with a coffee drink.

So what you ask?

Well, let’s break this down real quick. More on Starbucks Free Pastry Day – Weight Loss?


When I first saw Rocco Dispirito on TV, I liked him, his style, and his food. He clearly had a firm grasp on what he was doing…and he seemed pretty cool!

Just recently one of my Prime Physique Elite Personal Training clients brought in his new book: Now Eat This! (It was actually the day the book was released) So I took a lok at it, and ordered it from Amazon.com on the spot.

This book takes popular recipes and does a food makeover, altering the original recipe into a healthy fitness and weight loss food perfect for your fitness boot camp or personal training programs (like the ones I offer in San Jose;-)

Recipes include variations on things like Nachos, Brownies, Reuben Sandwich, Coconut Shrimp, Cookies, Hamburgers, Mac & Cheese, and 143 more…all with under 350 calories per generous serving.

It amazed me More on Diet Success Tip – a la Rocco Dispirito


Kettlebell trainingEveryone always wants immediate gratification, fast results, we want it NOW!

Well guess what…it just does not usually work that way. Sorry;-(

If you want success you have to put in the time, effort, and dedication. You have to work for it and make it happen.

Why am I writing this today?
Answer: Motivation, Instruction, and so YOU can reach your goals and see your dream body in the mirror!

You see, about 6-8 months ago (maybe a bit longer) I was buying some Kettlebells for one of my fitness and weight loss programs and I saw 2 Kettlebells that I did not have. They were BIG! 36kg (80LB) and the other was like 40 or something (I think it was 97LB)…doesn’t matter because I knew it was more than I could handle! More on Progression to perfection