My clients often ask me what to eat for carbohydrates in their San Jose Weight Loss Program, so here is a sloid list to help you out:

Best Choice
(“Good Carbs”)
Green Beans
Broccoli More on List of Complex Carbohydrates for better Weight Loss



This may be the most valuable post on the entire blog…

So many people start their fitness and weight loss programs, and even their entire lives, without a plan or a goal.

This is not the way to success.

You MUST plan for success or you are planning for failure.

You see, in order to get to where you are going, you have to know where it is…or you are just wandering around in life.

Well it is the same in the gym and in your weight loss program. Without a goal then you are just shooting in the dark, and how stupid would that be?

Seriously, imagine standing in the dark with a bow and arrow and shooting arrows all over the place…how would you ever hit anything intentionally? You sure could never hit a target!

There have been countless books by some of the most famous self help authors who preach the art of setting goals and planning, yet less than 3% of the population will ever do it for anything.

Well that ends here for you!

The art of goal setting for weight loss!

Goals and goal setting techniques for weight loss include:

  • WRITE IT! – An unwritten goal is like a ‘poof in the wind’ There is just nothing there. You MUST write your goals on paper.

  • READ IT DAILY – If you just write it and never read it, you might just as well have never written it in the first place.

  • THINK BIG – Make your goals big, but realistic.

  • FAIL FORWARD – If you miss a goal then you at least made it farther than you would have without setting it in the first place. I call this failing forward.

  • MAKE SMALL GOALS – You need both large goals and short term goals for success. Short term goals help you to stay the course.

  • REWARD – When you hit your goals and targets you MUST reward yourself. Too often we make big accomplishments and then just move onto the next goal without ever recognizing that we did a great job! Set up a reward plan.

  • PUNISHMENT – When you fail to reach a goal it is not time to celebrate. You need punishments as well as rewards. Make them good too…punishment should suck and you should not want to do it.

  • ADJUST – You must adjust your goals from time to time. If a goal is too easy then you must make it harder…the opposite is true too.

  • CARRY – Carry your goals with you. Use a note pad that will fit in your pocket or purse and update and set new goals.

  • READ THE GOALS DAILY – No joke here, you need to review your goals every day in the morning and before bed…if not more frequently!

  • MINDSET – Set your mind up for success. KNOW that you WILL hit your goals, there is no question about it, it WILL happen

  • VISUALIZE – See your goals as having already happened. Your mind is powerful and if you see it as already having happened, then it will…the mind has no choice.

  • Seriously, this is not rocket science…check out the works of people like Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Denis Waitley, and other world renowned self help EXPERTS and you will hear/read the same things about goals.

    This is your key to successful weight loss, and you can even carry it on to the rest of your life!

    Hey…You WILL do it!

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    Your Personal Trainer,
    Brett A. Riesenhuber San Jose's Top Fitness and Boot Camp Expert
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    Well for the past several weeks I have been running a special san jose personal training weight loss program at Prime Physique; my 5 Week Body Transformation Program.

    This program was designed to help kick start the weight loss of San Jose area residents and get them into great shape…and I am proud to say that it was a tremendous success in San Jose Weight Loss!

    Participants in this weight loss program were guided by San Jose’s top personal trainers with 3 days per week of custom personal training. Their personal training programs included weight training, resistance exercises, and cardiovascular conditioning all at Prime Physique Fitness’ private training center on Union Avenue in San Jose.

    They also received special weight loss coaching and diet coaching from…well, from me! This coaching included diet and nutrition guides and weekly coaching calls that were recorded for the weight loss contestants to listen to whenever they needed a boost in morale.

    These people worked hard and dedicated themselves to a fitness program and diet routine for a full 5 weeks, and if they messed up…Well they got called into my office for a little “pep-talk!”

    We monitored weight loss every week, along with measurements before and after the program. We also did before and after pictures!

    Want to see them?

    Good…because I want you to vote for who you think the winner should be! Leave your vote and reasoning in the comments section below. The winner will be announced on Monday!

    So here you go, the results from the first ever Prime Physique 5 Week Body Transformation personal training weight loss contest:

    Christy and her San Jose Weight Loss Results


    Ezra's 5 Week Body Transformation

    Ian's San Jose Weight Loss Results

    Julia's Weight Loss in San Jose

    Lisa's san jose weight loss

    Lorna's San Jose Weight Loss Results


    Karen's San Jose Weight Loss Results

    Mattie's san jose weight loss results

    Linda's San Jose Weight Loss Program

    I know they all did great, but I need you to cast your votes for who you think did the best!

    So leave your vote in the comment section below and check out the next 5 Week Body Transformation Contest at Prime Physique starting in just 2 weeks!

    You could be the next one to master your San Jose Weight Loss…It is up to you!

    You can do it too.

    Thank you!

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    Brett A. Riesenhuber San Jose's Top Fitness and Boot Camp Expert


    OK Fitness Enthusiasts! Time for your Monday Motivation.

    Helping you to stay the course even when you mess up (like some of you did over the weekend), the Great Coach Vince Lombardi said:

    It’s not weather you get knocked down; it’s weather you get up.

    Pretty simple and sound advice…we all mess up. We all fail. This is just how we learn.

    Remember to always “fail forward.” That is learn from your failure, fail quick, recover and get moving.

    So many times I have heard people say things like:

    Well I messed up my diet already, so why stop now. Then they continue to eat and eat and eat.

    OK, here is why…the extra 1000 calories you will take in above and beyond the mess up you already did! Hey guys, calories add up.

    Cheating done once is a simple cheat and not so much of a bad thing. It is actually good for you and your diet.

    Cheating helps keep the mind and mouth happy. Cheating helps keep the metabolism high and fat burning strong…

    BUT cheating needs to be done on a specific schedule…not all the time or ongoing.

    Cheating continuously is called a BINGE! That is how you DESTROY your progress.

    So stick to your plan, cheat on a schedule, cheat once and be done with it.

    Success is yours my friend!

    Now Go Workout!

    Your Personal Trainer,

    Brett A. Riesenhuber