Winter in the San Jose Bay Area may not be as cold as other parts of the world, but for the Campbell Boot Camp when it gets below 50 degrees (and especially when it dips into the 30’s), it is time to make sure we are dressed properly for our outdoor exercise program.

Here is a video with your basics on what to do to make your Campbell winter boot camp experience AWESOME!

Watch this Campbell Boot Camp video

Take Away’s for Winter Boot Camp:

1. Dress in layers so that you can take layers off as you get warm.
2. Keep moving – Movement creates heat and keeps you warm.
3. Drink warm drink – Get warm from the inside.
4. Hat and gloves – Heat escapes through your head FAST. Also nice to have warm fingers.
5. Wicking materials – Under garments should be made of a wicking material so that sweat will be pulled away fromy our skin and head to the outer layers.
6. No Alcohol – Alcohol makes you cold, so don’t drink the night before your Campbell Boot Camp! (you won’t lose weight if you drink alcohol anyway!)
7. Warm up well – Your body is cold and exercising at boot camp in the cold means you have to warm up a bit more than usual. Pay attention to your body and what it tells you.

Working out in the winter is fun and exciting! Following the guidelines above will help you have a successful boot camp, workout, abd weight loss experience!

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Want to see what a morning weight loss workout at Prime Physique looks like?

Check this out!

Watch this San Jose Weight Loss Video Now

Prime Physique’s Ultimate Fitness Blueprint Personal Training Program is awesome for helping shed unwanted body fat. Tough and challenging, the rewards are a lean, tone body!

Remember that in order for weight loss to happen, you have to exercise, watch your diet, and be solid on your program.

Here is the weight loss formula:

Resistance training + Cardiovascular Training + Clean Diet & Nutrition = Weight Loss

Simple, right?

Then why is it so tough to lose weight in the USA? Simple…we eat crappy diets and sit on our butts, watching them grow.

You have to have all 3 components of the equations in order to lose weight, and keep it off!

So if you are doing it on your own, power to you, but take this free equation with you:

Resistance training + Cardiovascular Training + Clean Diet & Nutrition = Weight Loss

If you would like to learn more about Prime Physique’s San Jose Weight Loss Program, head over to http://www.primephysique.com and learn how we have helped thousands of San Jose Residents with Weight Loss…while having fun!

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Seems like every time we start a new fitness and weight loss program that includes running, we almost always fall prey to the dreaded Shin Splints!

What exactly is it, why does it happen, and how do we get rid of it or prevent that darn pain in the leg?

The pain that happens in the front of the lower leg when we start a running program is referred to as shin splints. It is not terminal or a long term injury if treated and prevented correctly.

The pain comes from overuse of the muscle group running from your knee down into the top of the foot. When running you repeatedly lift the toe area of the foot and then extend off of it. Now this is not a problem itself, but it is a problem when you have not been actively exercising in an exercise program for weight loss (you know…you have been sitting on the couch!)

So when you start to use the muscles of the lower leg excessively, they get sore! Go figure!

The tricks to solving this issue are quite simple actually:

1. Warm up the lower leg with some heel and toe raises prior to every running exercise routine. We do this every morning before starting my San Jose Boot Camp. Raise up onto the toes, then shift to raising up onto the heels. Repeat this about 10-12 times each for 2 sets.

2. Stretch both sides of the lower leg. Lean forward to stretch the back side and drag your toes while rolling the heel out away from the body to stretch the outside.

3. Progression. If you have not exercised for a million years, don’t make your first session (or week) the time to do a marathon. You need to build up slowly, often with power walking rather than even starting out jogging.

4. Equipment. Get good running shoes! Go to a local running store that will take the time to analyze your feet, your walk, your run, and what you feel comfortable with. Settle for nothing that this! We use the Running Revolution in Campbell…they are awesome!

5. Stretch again when you are done and throughout the day.

If they get sore anyway…which they probably will do even with what I just wrote:

1. Stretch more.

2. Massage them – you can do it, someone else can do it (which can be fun;-), or you can get a foam roller.

3. If your doctor is ok with it…ADVIL!

4. ICE the things! Go to Safeway and get a few bags of frozen peas and slap them on the painful area for 20 minutes, remove 20 minutes and repeat 3 times, 3 times per day.

5. Repeat all this again and follow the first set of instructions.

Hey, losing weight and getting in shape is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication, but the results will come and you can do it. If something hurts, do something else until the pain is gone!

Best of luck with your shins and if you need help with your weight loss program in San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, or the south bay, check us out at Prime Physique Fitness! We are happy to help!

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Yesterday I took a break from a busy week and rewarded myself (and my beautiful fiancee;-) with an afternoon/evening excursion…

Now first question might be: what does this have to do with fitness, personal training, and weight loss? The answer is rewards and happiness. Read on….

So last week was a crazy week and very challenging for both Denise and me. I took on 15 new clients in the 14-Day Fat Flush proogram, started a new session of San Jose Boot Camp in a new location, ran all the morning personal training in San Jose, and handled the normal, hectic, business stuff. Denise managed the office of my san jose personal training businss, managed planning our upcoming wedding (which included firing the wedding planner a month before the date…yea, I told you it was a hectic week and I was not kidding), and worked on her new event planning partnership.

It was a great, and stressful week to say the least.

Now during all of this, we both continued to work on ourselves with proper diet, nutrition, and exercise because that is part of our lives.

So when Friday afternoon came along we decided that it was time for an excursion just for the two of us. A reward for a lot of hard work was due!

So we drove from San Jose over to Santa Cruz and got on a 70 foot sail boat named the Chardonnay II and headed out for a 2 hour sail across the waters of Santa Cruz!

The Chardonnay II is a 70 foot sail boat that charters out of the Santa Cruz Harbor. They go out for 1 or 2 hour sailing cruises around Santa Cruz and provide a top notch service with an awesome crew and a beautiful boat. Check them out at http://www.Chardonnay.com

This was actually a wine cruise with local winery Savannah Chanelle Vineyards pournign their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir while we sailed along the coast.

So we had sailing, wine, a great crew, and the company of eachother…it was totally relaxing and a lot of fun. (It was kind of cold and foggy, like it has been this entire summer, so we got to get nice and close to keep warm;-)

We had a great time.

Now what does this have to do with your san jose personal training and weight loss program?

You work hard too! You need to set goals and reward yourself for accomplishing your goals…otherwise you are just spinning your wheels and are headed toward burnout.

Treat yourself to a fun afternoon or evening as a reward and for the relaxation. My stress levels are so much today when compared to yesterday and last week, and I feel awesome (well except for the slight headache I got from the wine;-)

Work hard on achieving your goals, practice rewarding yourself, and enjoy your life and voctories…that is what life is about.

Now go workout!

Your Personal Trainer,
Brett A. Riesenhuber San Jose's Top Fitness and Boot Camp Expert
Brett A. Riesenhuber