Fitness Services

Prime Physique Fitness Specialists: Â Prime Physique program focuses on the needs of the individual and incorporates the fundamentals of fitness into your daily life.

Prime Physique Fitness Specialists is a team of fitness experts who will personally guide you toward improved health and sustained weight loss.

San Jose Adventure Boot Camp Whether you want to lose weight to fit into that special dress, shed the extra pounds from a pregnancy or just get fit before that special occasion, then this adventure is for you!San Jose Adventure Boot Camp is a four week outdoor fitness program that offers fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training – packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are gaining great results with Adventure Boot Camp!

Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same routine come try this whole new approach to exercise…fun!

California Golf Fitness: Golf Fitness Training helps golfers on all levels to play better golf. Isn’t that the goal of EVERY golfer? Of course it is! Wouldn’t it be nice not to get tired on the back nine? Think about how much better your play would be if you had more energy…less frustration due to fatigue (yes, fatigue will produce stress, anxiety, and lead to more bad shots). Our golf fitness programs are guaranteed to bring your fitness to the next level.

The Fit Gourmet: Fitness Cooking Program that teaches you how to prepare great tasting, healthy, diet conscious, fitness foods at home. We also instruct our students about the tricks to achieving dietary success in a hectic life. This program is instructed by Brett who’s cooking abilities astound all who experience them. .